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Grow your business with our step-by-step courses, intuitive website builder and supportive community. Everything you need to stand out and shine.


A Treasure Chest for Creators

A complete toolkit for creating potent brands and websites.

Course Library

Step-by-step guidance to create a powerful presence.

Website Builder

Intuitive drag & drop website and landing page builder.

Tools & Templates

Get going fast and easy. Just fill in the blanks to get going.


Connect and collaborate with like-minded creators.


Weekly group mastermind sessions & ongoing support.


Virtual conferences & networking events.

Bradley T. Morris

CEO, Majik Media

“Andy has magical abilities. Working with him is always illuminating and leads to outcomes I’m excited to share with the world.”


Create With Confidence

We’re all overwhelmed with TMI these days. It can be crazy-making trying to figuring out how to move forward with life and business.

Cut through the noise with a step-by-step gameplan that empowers you to get clear, strategic and build a presence you’re proud of.

All the world’s a stage. Your time to shine has arrived.

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01. Brand Alchemy

A potent process for crafting transformational brands and experiences.

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02. Website Wizardry

A streamlined approach to creating gorgeous websites and landing pages with ease and joy.

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03. ____________

This is just the beginning. Many more courses will be created for the DreamSync community.

Alila Grace

Founder, Mahina

“Andy is a branding ninja. He truly has a 6th sense for seeing the concepts that are unique to my projects and translating them into potent designs and strategies.”


Design Your Dream

Professional creators need a professional presence. DreamSync empowers you to build a website that showcases your work with beauty and style.


Drag, Drop, Done!

Get up and running fast with an extensive library of beautiful drag and drop templates. All members begin their journey with a pre-built starter website, so you’re already half-way done before you’ve started.


Musician, Designer

“I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect platform to showcase my art and sell my services. My new website is amazing!”


Your Secret Stash

An ever-growing library of brand building tools, templates & frameworks

01. Seed Strategy

Clarify your brand vision, essence, audience and growth priorities.

06. Curated App Collection

Discover apps that will help you achieve your dreams with more fun and less stress.

05. Presentations & Proposals

Easily create engaging presentations and winning project proposals.

02. Messaging Framework

Define your message and express yourself with resonance, authenticity and style.

03. Stylescapes & ID Systems

A simple framework for creating aesthetics, logos, color palettes and typography systems.

04. Websites & Landing Pages

Quickly create beautiful landing pages and complete websites



“Andy takes the time to really dig into the soul of your business to find out what’s begging to be expressed. He listens, understands and then creates pure magic.”


The Power of We

Creating great work and growing a business can be a lonely road full of twists and turns. This is why we’ve built a community platform for all DreamSync members to connect and collaborate. We’re beautiful as individuals, and together we’re unstoppable.


Join The Collective

Give and receive support from a community of powerful creators

You belong here.


Dream Synchronization

Seven years ago, my wife Maura and I were sitting on our balcony overlooking the active lava flow in Kaimu, Hawaii.

We were discussing the deep sense of separation and purposelessness that the vast majority of humanity experiences on a daily basis.

It was crystal clear that our world is shaped upon the model of the pyramid, which represents the exploitation of the many by the few. We saw that all ivory towers are propped up by blood, sweat and tears – not of those who sit atop them, but by those who work and toil from below.

We knew that needless suffering would persist as long as the pyramid (triangle) is the dominant paradigm on our planet. We knew that something needed to change, but what? And how?

Suddenly, we were flooded with a vision of a pyramid falling over. It then morphed into a circle which multiplied itself into a vast network of interlocking circles – each one of us being represented by an individual circle.

There was no more hierarchy. There was only a beautiful matrix of interdependent, autonomous circles – all operating both as individuals and as a collective. No more masters. No more slaves.

The antidote for the pyramid is the circle, which has been revered by philosophers and mystics as a symbol of wholeness and perfection.

Our vision imbued us with insight and inspiration to create a new model for business and collaboration based on the perfect form of the circle.

The world needs us to live our dreams, not as isolated individuals, but as a unified collective. That’e the only way our society will ever become beautiful and just.

As isolated individuals we often struggle to survive, but as a unified collective we can move mountains.

Over the years, we’ve recognized three pillars that are needed to help us come together and blossom into the brilliant creators and world shapers we were born to be.

  1. Platforms that empower us to create, distribute our work, spread our message and connect with each other.
  2. Education and guidance that keeps us focused, learning, growing and increasing our awareness and intelligence.
  3. Collaboration and connection to surround ourselves with support – a collective of powerful creators.

DreamSync embodies the model of the circle, and is here to help us take the first steps in co-creating a new system that renders all pyramids null and void. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. There is no other way.

It’s been seven years in the making, and DreamSync is finally taking its first breaths. We are grateful and excited to finally share it with you.

If you’d like to actualize your potential with a collective of powerful creators, we invite you to join us on this journey.

Now is our time to shine.

A creative renaissance is brewing. The true enlightenment has yet to come. The Movement is underway.

Together, we can transform this world into a wondrous marvel of the ages. Indeed, this is our collective destiny.

Will you join us?

A beautiful future awaits.

In solidarity,

Andy & Maura Freeland


Dream Wide Awake

It’s time to create the life you know is possible.

Clarity & Confidence

Create a growth strategy & gameplan

Powerful Presence

Build a website that makes you proud

Potent Messaging

Write words that resonate and relate

Financial Freedom

Create better, help better, earn better

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Group Support

What you get:

Course Library
Website Builder
Tools & Templates
Private Community
Weekly Mastermind


Personalized Support

What you get:

Course Library
Website Builder
Tools & Templates
Private Community
Weekly Mastermind
Done-For-You Strategy
3 Months of 1:1 Coaching

Frequently A’d Q’s

Does the website builder include hosting?

Yes, every DreamSync member gets a hosted and managed website. We handle the tech so you can focus on creation.

Those who get the lifetime deal now will never need to pay for a website again. Pretty awesome huh?

PS – This website you’re looking at right now was built on the DreamSync platform with the same tools you’ll get.

I don’t need/already have a website – is this for me?

The website builder is just one component of the entire DreamSync platform and toolset. Even if you never use our builder, you will still find immense value in our courses, community, tools, templates and ongoing mastermind sessions.

You will learn how to build a powerful online presence, and that can be put to action on any website, anywhere. We are including a website builder because it makes it easier for our members to get up and running fast – and because we can!

What is “Done-For-You Strategy” in the Plus plan?

In the Plus plan you will start your journey with a guided 1-on-1 process where Andy will work with you to develop a rock-solid and crystal-clear growth strategy for your project. He normally charges $10k+ for this on custom projects, but DreamSync members get a massive discount.

You will be responsible for acting on the strategy we create together, but you will have a play-by-play roadmap to turning your dreams into reality.

I’m starting a new project/biz – will DreamSync help me?

Yes. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, you will find an immense wealth of knowledge, tools and support to help you take your work to the next level. Our course library provides numerous pathways that meet you where you’re at and take you where you want to go. You’re in good hands. Promise.

How is this different than Wix/Squarespace/etc?

What makes DreamSync unique is that it is not just a website builder, but is a platform for creators, which just happens to include a website builder in its arsenal of tools. If you just want a website builder, you’re better off with Squarespace/etc. If you want a library of innovative courses, ongoing guidance, a supportive like-minded community, a library of biz building tools and a website builder, then DreamSync is the move to make.

Will I be able to sell products and subscriptions?

Yes, your DreamSync website will soon have the ability to sell products, membership and subscriptions. eCommerce functionality will not be available at launch, but it will be ready sometime in the first half of 2021.

When the platform opens in January, you will be able to build websites, landing pages, blogs and grow your audience through email opt-in forms that connect to your mailing list service.

James Curran

Director, Ewam Shedra

“Andy has proven himself to be the most talented designer I have ever worked with. His understanding of our problems and how to solve them exceeded all of our expectations.”


The Journey Ahead

Where do we go from here?

January 2021

Platform Opens

Registrations end 1/11

Early access group begins 1/18

Q1 2021

Create, Learn & Connect

Website Builder

Course Library

Community Platform

Weekly Mastermind

Spring Equinox

Synthesis Conference

A new breed of online event.

Inspiring talks, workshops, music, performances, expo and networking.

DreamSync members will each get their own booth at the conference to share their craft and build their audience.

     Q2 – Q3 2021


Sell products & subscriptsions

Create membership sites

Q3 – Q4 2021


The future of the platform is up to the collective. Together, we’ll decide what to build next 🙂


Collective Intelligence

A bi-weekly transmission of curated stories, projects, tools, art, knowledge and inspiration.

2021 DreamSync

“Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin






Platform Plus


Platform Plus

by Andy Freeland

Collective Intelligence

A bi-weekly newsletter sharing inspiring stories, resources, tools and insights.

Collective Intelligence

A bi-weekly newsletter sharing inspiring stories, resources, tools and insights.


Brand Alchemy

This course will guide you through a step-by-step process that will empower you to create a brand that resonates with your audience and your soul.



  • Clarify your vision
  • Uncover your essence
  • Understand your audience
  • Create a game plan



  • Identify your core message
  • Create a voice filter
  • Learn how to write words that resonate



  • Establish a brand system (colors, fonts, aesthetic)
  • Create a look & feel that expresses your brilliance



  • Develop a content strategy
  • Find your unique approach
  • Learn how to apply your brand system to your work


Website Wizardry

This course will guide you through a step-by-step process that empowers you to create powerful website experiences that present your work with beauty, clarity and style.



  • Map out your website structure & experience
  • Set your global styles
  • Set up your navigation



  • Create your page layouts and content templates
  • Write powerful words
  • Find and upload images



  • Apply your brand aesthetic
  • Learn how to control every aspect of your design
  • Polish your website



  • Launch your website
  • Request & receive feedback
  • Never stop learning, refining and growing

Collective Intelligence

A bi-weekly newsletter sharing inspiring stories, resources, tools and insights.

Join the waiting list

Be the first to know when we open up again.

Join the waiting list

Be the first to know when we open up again.

Collective Intelligence

A bi-weekly newsletter sharing inspiring stories, resources, tools and insights.